led world Cree XHP70 Cold White 6000-6500K 6V 4.8A Led Emitter Lamp Light with 20mm Copper Base

Great leds, not really 4022 lumens. I have no idea why they’re been shown to be but in the event that you research the datasheet from cree the utmost you will actually see out of the can be 1965 lumens and thats when you can obtain the P2 bin plus they can go only 970 lumens if you obtain the H4 bin (Min for the 6000k is certainly K2 bin at 1200-1290 lumens). That said, WOW, a whole load of light, and a more little. These leds could be run at 6v 4 also.8A OR 12V 2.4A, cree states most of there tests was completed at 12V 2.4A therefore thats what i love to operate mine at. Hardly any heat era for just how much light you obtain, i am utilizing a really small and fairly toned heatsink/enthusiast from amazon “Copper Plated 55mm 2 Pin VGA Video Cards Heatsink Cooler Cooling Enthusiast” and working nonstop at the entire 2.4A at 12V and the heatsink remains very cool. Make certain everything close to the led will be reflective or okay getting hot since there is so much lighting result that anything dark and close to the led gets very hot quick. There’s so much result with this thing it is possible to burn darker items with a magnifier much like a magnifier beneath the sun. I would suggest the XHP70 on the XHP50, it’s 500 ish lumens brighter based on bins you obtain from plus they are the same cost on amazon. Not really 5 stars due to 4022 lumen state.Upgrade: I obtain why they state it’s 4022 lumens, CREE states its 4022 lumens. Furthermore discovered that the lumens detailed in the datasheets have to be multiplied because max lumens in datasheet are usually figured at 12V, 1A, not really 12V, 2.4A. Performing the calc from the datasheet they are only with the capacity of 3700-3900 lumens at 2 nevertheless.4A. In any event I’ve 3 of the and you will be getting ultimately more soon now.

I’ve been trying out led flashlights for quite a while now. Its amazing just how much brighter that is compared to the cree xm-l2 any bin. End up being warned, you ‘must’ have at least a good pill (not really hollow) to be able to provide good cooling. I utilized a hollow capsule first, and the directed (and solder underneath) got hot sufficient to slide off-middle of the sinkpad in 10 secs (pressing ~4.5 amps to it). I got to reflow it to obtain it working once again but that’s my fault for configuring it in crappy cooling.

super bright, After all stupid bright. utilized this in a Ryobi lantern and W0W achieved it change lives from another brought that it was included with, this light bulb runs perfectly from an 18 volt battery.

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