Basic Well Log Analysis, 2nd Edition

This guide is Okay but that’s so far as it goes regarding. Plenty of information is offered but there is no step-by-step guidance actually. This reminds me of the log interpretation guide it is possible to from the Schlumberger web site free of charge download. The excercises at the relative back again of the guide were advisable that has been implemented poorly. In excercise 1 the impression is got by you that the authors were considering slightly different logs than those presented, given the partial answers and comentary sh¨®wn. In excercise 2, they’re looking at various logs. They existing the same eletric logs two times. The next time, the electric powered logs have got a porosity header…nonetheless it the same electrical log shown earlier. Have fun determining what the porosity is meant to be for that excercise. Disappointing.

Great guide for understanding the fundamentals of well-log interpretation. It will be helpful for a long time. It would have already been nice to get a CD with it though.
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