Reebok CrossFit 2014 Games Lifter 2.0 – Women’s Stinger Yellow/Reebok Navy/Silver 10

These shoes are excellent since when you’re squatting the feet usually do not move thoughts is broken constantly in place which really supports form. They’re extremely comfy and substantial in comparison to any standard Nike running footwear I’ve bought especially. Some individuals wrote in the reviews that you ought to order a size smaller but I didn’t have that problem I simply ordered my regular size. They are by the best shoes I’ve ever bought much! Worth the price definitely. One thing that has been a downside may be the yellow pair doesn’t appear to be the picture personally it looks more highlighter green coIored but continues to be very cute.

Bought these for my partner, we have been doing squats 3 x weekly, but she’s constantly having difficulty with depth, mainly a issue of calves/ankles insufficient flexibility apparently. The reebok be loved by her brand and when it says crossfit onto it, it creates it more desirable on her behalf apparently, also some shoes or boots were required by her that offered a firm system and elevated her heels a little. Day she gave them a go the first, the difference was felt by her, she felt well informed, and contains been adding more excess weight to the bar.

These shoes or boots are liked by me. They arrived of the package to my match and feet completely. About an full hour after receiving them, These were being put on by me at the container. As a fresh crossfitter, I couldn’t imagine what sort of footwear would change lives lifting. Properly they perform! And these shoes certainly are a perfect fit!

These shoes and boots are treasured by me, A multitude is performed by me of points at the fitness center, these shoes and boots are ideal for anything from working, to burpees and squats, to rippin that bar upward! Highly recommend.

Ideal for crossfit WODS. In case you are weightlifting strictly, I would suggest other sneakers but if you need to excess weight WOD and raise, they are great. Order half of a size small

These lifter shoes or boots are amazing. The support you’ll get throughout a deadlift or squat is usually unreal. I used to lift in my own nano 4s, and these help significantly. I was amazed by how comfy they were, plus they look like they might end up being awkward and clunky to wear however they aren’t at all. The purple color is definitely beautiful personally also. I was worried I wouldn’t just like the color however when they got here I was quite impr¨¦ssed. They’re a plum color with a vivid purple inside. Very cute and like and adore these shoes and boots absolutely. Day they create me thrilled for leg!

I use a 9 in the Nano 4 and Nano 5, ordered exactly the same and so are a half dimension or maybe a complete size bigger (much longer) toe box is approximately exactly the same width because the Nano 4. Have to return for an inferior size… Therefore bummed. Color had been good

Love the colour of these sneakers (orange) – and the Lifter 2.0 is really a nice WOD footwear to for lifting. I could fairly do dual unders easily, package jumps, burpees, etc. inside them aswell! LOVE!!
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