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I purchased two pkgs. One got decent sized items fairly. Another had shards these were so small almost. Also, I expected a more substantial amount. I’ve noticed pkgs. this dimension @ craft shops for 1/2 the purchase price nearly. I wouldn’t buy again. I believe I’ll return.

It has to function as most dissapointing product I’ve ordered ever. I was expecting larger pieces, so they can be caused; rather, I received 20 oz. of total scrap. My suggestions: don’t wast your cash.

I’m a mosaic performer and prefer to keep a number of materials handy. The glass high quality was so bad I thought it had been some kind or sort of plastic. It were random glass items which were tumbled and smashed. It had been disappointing because Amazon is my “head to” place(I’ve your Amazon rewards charge card). I was pressured to look at EBay to obtain a decent collection of choices.I find the one star ranking as you didn’t provide a zero option .

I purchased a 20-Ounce worth pack of Vivid Stained Cup contains stunning stained glass parts in unique shapes and sizes. What I obtained was 10-ounces. This can be a complete rip away from. The deal was damaged and taped. I was charged exactly the same price as a fresh pack and only received 1 / 2 of the product. I could buy the product with free delivery various other place and obtain it brand new with a complete 20 ounces.

I determined that the colours were pretty….when i obtained over my main disappoint-ment they weren’t transparent. I assumed that stained cup was transpar-ent as in church home windows.I was creating a wood cross with stained cup inlays in resin. These items won’t perform, but I’ll possibly invent another make use of for them. Owner will be wished by me have been more specific on the makeup, but I will have known a lot more about stained cup then.No fault on seller nor Amazon. I really like you Amazon nevertheless.Liz

The bundle opened during delivery and was an enormous mess to completely clean up sharp course. Am happy with the colour choices in the package deal. Am not really thrilled that there have been so many small pieces which are probably not likely to be used. Overall, a good product. I’d by once again if it had been propery packaged most likely.

This item delivered to my house quickly. It was just what I needed also. The picture shown is everything you get. The bits of glass are quite colors and can be found in different sizes.

I could have obtained this at the craft shop with no harm to product. We was upset within my lack of considering when i purchased this highly. try at the neighborhood pastime or craft shop before buying 1st.

Almost all color is whitened. There were hardly any reds. The shades weren’t radiant as in the photograph. Most of the pieces were really small as though they split up a lot of beer bottles simply.

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