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By: T.K.Can you like Penguins? Penguins can be quite interesting. In Penguins there are several facts, some amazing fact is that some Penguins lay at lest 2 eggs and only 1 survives, several Penguins that live is named a colony together. You can find 17 different species (kinds) of Penguins! The tiniest Penguin is named the Fairy Penguin the largest Penguin may be the Emperor Penguin!I love Penguins because i’m taught because of it about their lives and what they appear to be. I love every one of the Penguins because they’re all special and unique. I would suggest this written book to individuals who like Penguins, animals, and facts!

We like everything concerning this written book! The pictures are colorful and great, the written text and succinct clear yet. You’ll learn something new whether you’re an adult or perhaps a kid.

I purchased this written book for my elderly mom. She always liked to learn books and the newspaper however now is having difficulty reading and understanding a tale since she’s dementia. She’s been able to learn and understand why written book.

I’m very impressed with the National Geographic R¨¦aders. I believe they are ideal for bringing information to small children at a known level that’s befitting them. They’re very thinking about the planet around them and love non-fiction. These written books have wonderful pictures and so are well written.

My son’s reading and comprehension skiIls have really grown since scanning this series! The written books are well crafted. They’re balanced with knowledge, entertainment, and great ph¨®tographs! Recommend!

Year old son really enjoys this book my 5. He loves penguins which written book is both entertaining and educational. Every one of the National Geographic Reader books are good quite.

Year old loves penguins and he really liked learning more about them in this book my five. The pictures were great and the known facts were interesting without having to be too complicated.

Congrats National Geographic again! A great deal of interesting factual statements about types and penguins /species of penguins. We read this at bedtime with this 2, 7, year old 9. We learned a whole lot as adults out of this book which is a pleasant addition to the others of our children’s National Geographic books! Hopefully to get all of them within the next couple years! Read More Here

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