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I completely enjoyed Andy’s 1st album, Andy Grammer. When Honey, I’m Good began to obtain airplay, I determined I had a need to choose the latest album. Day time and the initial pay attention through i obtained it another, I thought… properly… I’ll provide it another listen. Probably I’m lacking something. Another pay attention through also it started to obtain catchy and I came across that I love almost all the songs.The largest issue I’ve is that album can be UNBELIEVABLY overproduced. Honey I’m Great came on the air, and I got the CD in the ball player still. I flipped back again and some times between your CD and the air forth. I was highly disappointed in the autotun¨¦r that came through loud and clear ¨®n the CD and didn’t necessarily transIate to the satellite radio station that l was hearing. Personally i think I’d really like Keeping Out if the lyrics and the backdrop music had been leveled. The sample on Amazon sounds incredible, but when I acquired my CD, the lyrics have become faint compared to the backdrop music.Overall – the tunes are cherished by me, I don’t adore the production worth of the CD, hence the three superstar review on which is among the best artists up to now.

I adored Andy Grammer’s very first album. It had been up-beat, it had been raw, also it had excellent lyrics and hooks. Section of what made Andy’s first album so excellent was that it had been relatable you felt as if you may have passed Andy on the road last weekend and tossed him your spare change. His newest, Novels or magazines, while upbeat, feels produced overly. Its clear these songs were written for the studio rather than written to be performed go on the road or the stage. Having said that, there are several great tracks on here, as soon as you obtain past a few of the car tune the lyrics remain first class. “Honey, I’m Great.”, “BACK”, “Forever” and “Red Eye” are specially great music. “Pushing” Less therefore.Overall the album is certainly fun to hear, but I don’t view it becoming among my favorites in my own selection. Who knows? You may such as this album a lot more than his debut, it certainly includes a different believe that could interest another demo quite. Me? I’m going to be looking forward to the come back of the beat-boxing street-executing Andy.

I’ve paid attention to this album along many times now, and it’s really pretty excellent. I trust another reviewer – it’s extremely produced – which might defer some enthusiasts on Andy Grammer’s much less layered earlier function, but overall the lyrics are usually motivated, the tunes are usually catchy, and the range is fulfilling. I also quite definitely appreciate the information on some of the songs, that operates therefore counter to a lot of the messaging on the market these full times. It’s refreshing to listen to someone with the stage that Andy Grammer has putting out a note promoting fidelity, abstinence (if reluctant), and generaI positivity.

Andy is incredible.Not merely his songs catchy, however the text messages behind his tunes deep are. Nothing like the junk you listen to on the air now a complete days.My favorites are honey I’m g¨®od, holding out for you personally and pushing

His signature tune :Honey I’m Great” is indeed lively and enjoyable that I purchased the complete cd. Never ever heard about him before until he was observed by me on James Cordon..Late show late. I was amazed and now a large fan quite!

I have to pay attention to this some more times before I must say i settle into an impression, but my initial impact is that I love it, but it’s simply so not the same as his final album. I has been actively playing it in iTunes so when it surely got to the finish of the album it proceeded to go directly into “Fine By Me” from the older one and I had been like “man, his tone of voice is SO Great, why do he need to include it up with all that autotune??” Having said that I am enthusiastic about “Honey I’m Great.” Therefore catchy. And move watch the songs video clip because it’s adorable.

Honestly I really like Andy Grammer. I’ve his prior album and i’ve Mags Or Novels right now, he’s completed it once again folks! The majority of his songs is enjoyable and lighthearted several are on a far more serious note, everything quality. Many thanks Andy Read More Here

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