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We ordered this product two times and both correct periods the calendar pad arrived detached from the cardboard backing. I was disappointed, but because I needed to help keep the calendar pad, I used a h¨®t glue gun to add both pieces together then smoothed out th¨¦ bumpy glue utilizing the hot edge of the end of the glue gun. Or else, the pad is excellent. It’s stunning and the thickness of the papers is pretty good. There are always a complete great deal descriptions concerning this item, but everything is usually in Korean regrettably. The paper was thought by me was white in line with the pictures, nonetheless it is ivory. You can find 24 calendar bedsheets, two of every style. Behind the calendar linens are 26 take note sheets which come in three various styles; it reminded me of scrapbook document. It isn’t another notepad. The image proven with the three reddish circles indicate where in fact the notepad comes connected, along the best where you generally find notepads connected and on both bottom corners to avoid curling of the web pages. This includes a transparent part protector where one can place small company or papers cards, nonetheless it is gentle and flimsy rather than getting stiff and properly fitted rather. Obviously, I take advantage of this as my calendar, but I take advantage of it as a computer mouse pad also. Read More Here

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