Samsung SM-G900V –

This phone flawlessly works, and appears and works as though it was completely new (rather than refurbished). This is a a lot cheaper route to getting a replacement mobile phone after accidentally busting my authentic S5, all I had to accomplish was consider my sim cards from the original and connect it in to the replacement.

The initial sentence in the explanation states: “The brand new Galaxy S5 from Verizon can be unlocked for several GSM carriers like From&T, T-Mobile, etc. ” Nevertheless, this phone is usually locked to the Verizon system.

I purchased this phone to utilize with my StraightTalk CDMA (Verizon) sim card. Put the sim cards in also it connected immediately simply. The S5 incorporated an installed display screen usb/wall structure and protector charger. Missing was the USB port charger cov¨¦r. It appears like it had been broke off and set never. I’d have thought this might be something fixed in a refurbished phone, but I assume not. I found the charger protect for a couple dollars on Amazon. I furthermore picked up an extra battery as possible find them for about $10.So everything is definitely working excellent far. Charges fast extremely. I’ve not tested the phone’s waterproof capabiIity and will most likely not intentionally.

Phone appeared as if new, done the Verizon system without presssing issues. Received the Samsung quick phone charg¨¦r with extended length cord. Verizon ripped me off on purchasing phones previously, but forget about.

The item had not been factory refurbished. The charger interface was loose and you also couldn’t also close the include on the charging jack therefore the notification kept arriving on. The drinking water tag sticker showed water damage and mold. I finished up returning it.

Apart from the proven fact that Verizon shows just about everywhere and I have no idea ways to get gone it the merchandise is incredible.A brandname is obtained by you new cell phone for under half the purchase price.It looks completely new if you ask me.It emerged in a sealed container Certified refurbished sufficient reason for updated new software program.You would need to be nuts to get a fresh one when businesses like this one offer the product at a fraction of the price.I really like my new telephone.Many thanks for the bargin and the fantastic product.

I purchased this mobile phone as a factory refurbished cell phone and got a good deal. Superior to paying a high price through among the mobile suppliers outlets. I love Samsung items and Android phones actually. I would suggest the product over some other smartphones strongly.

Phone had difficulty updating to lollipop. Had to utilize Samsung Kies to press update. WPS struggles to carry link with router also. Besides that its an excellent phone!!

The telephone was in great asthetic shape, but was included with a negative battery basically. The telephone only last 3-4 hrs max without having to be used in combination with the electric battery it was included with even. I put the battery out ¨®f my phone inside it ( this phone was bought for my partner) also it lasts all day long no issue. Batteries aren’t cheap for these to, so this is not a small issue if you ask me. I believe that they ought to be looking nearer at the batteries once the phones can be purchased by them.

Telephone came in amazing shape. I struggled to locate a single indication of wear onto it even. Didn’t include the initial accessories as promised, but to when l messaged owner they were in a position to resolve that for me personally easily. It is a great telephone and is effective on straight talk wireless Read More Here

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