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I’m not just a big swimmer, but I heard so much concerning this book that I had to check on it out- and I’m glad I did so. This book helps you to save lots of people who are learning to swim better lots of time. Here’s why:-the book specializes in swimming technique, correct position, and how you’re suppose to feel in the water-the book offers you drills to bolster probably the most efficient solution to swim-the book is quite scientific and the knowledge is dependant on hydrodynamicsThe book covers plenty of ground, however the authors writing style makes is pass quickly (at the very least it did for me personally). The pictures were good and I thought the explanations of the techniques and the “why” in it was very understandable. Uncertain concerning the rotator cuff routine in Chapter 16 though- it’s kinda long and I’m uncertain if a number of the exercises just like the reverse biceps curl is actually necessary (rec. Bulletproof Your Shoulder for swimmers who’ve shoulder issues).To conclude, I came across the book very enlightening and r¨¦commend it to anyone (young OR old) who would like to learn to swim better by learning the right swimming techniques. The writer obviously loves swimming and contains brought all his years of research and experience into one handy resource.

SHORT VERSION-This method is incredible ¨¢nd works.-Don’t buy this book. lnstead purchase the updated version “Swimming made easy.” It includes improved drills significantly. -To ensure it is an easy task to learn this technique really, the DVD is gold. A moving imag¨¦ will probably be worth greater than a thousand words in this situation. The DVD provides the same drills because the book “swimming made easy.”LONG VERSIONFirst I must explain that while this technique is incredible, this specific book isn’t the one to obtain. Terry’s book “Swimming made easy” contains almost identical material in the initial several chapters however the drill portion has been improved dramatically. I originally bought this book and mastered the balancing drills however when I started focusing on the later drills I didn’t know how all of the pieces fit together. With Terry’s n¨¦w drill sequence the drills naturally work y¨®u right into a complete swimming stroke. Furthermore, “Swimming made easy” also contains drills for the backstroke, butterfly, and breast stroke.”If you wish to enhance your stroke even more quickly, I recommend the DVD “Freestyle made easy.” Having the ability to start to see the stroke doing his thing and the resulting propulsion from body r¨®tation helps it be much easier to understand the entire concept. An image is worth one thousand words in this situation. I purchased the book and dvd at the same time and do not think I’d have progressed as fast when i did minus the dvd. When you can only buy a very important factor I’d recommned the dvd. You may get a large part of the conceptual information from the full total Immerssion site that has segments of the book free for downIoad.For my story now. I’m an aspiring triathlete with my first one scheduled in about a few months. The open water swim had me a little concerned. I’ve always known how exactly to swim but haven’t swam freestyle lots of feet. I went along to the pool for the very first time and proceeded to expend plenty of effort while feeling like I was creeping alongside minimal forward momentum. Day and bought this book upon the recommendation of a pal I went another. That same day I visited the pool and tried the balancing driIls and was amazed by the ¨¦ase with that i could float on the water. Anxious for more information I ordered the dvd “freestyle made ¨¦asy” and book “swimming made easy” (I finished up returning the “total immersion” book). Your day i acquired it i have to have watched the dvd at the very least 3 times. I was amazed to see people gIide across the water with hardly any effort. I visited the pool everyday for weekly doing 2-3 drills each and every time and by the finish of the week could easily swim the triathlon distance of half of a mile. I didn’t take action in record time at all but I possibly could achieve this confidently without the worry of fatigue or drowning (in op¨¦n wate Read More Here

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