Ordered a refurbished device from Woot. Delivery was promptly and the modem emerged in a good box indicating qualified refurbished. Nevertheless, when I attempted to activate the modem on Comcast via telephone, the rep pointed out that the Macintosh address had been registered on somebody else’s account and there is no chance to activate it on my accounts. Comcast rep attempted to insinuate that the modem could possibly be stolen, but I question that. Perhaps this is among the potential drawbacks of buying a refurbished item; if it includes a history on your own ISP and had not been properly taken off its previous accounts you will end up out of good fortune when i am. In conclusion product cannot be activated.

This cable connection modem is virtually the de facto regular with regards to the best general.Its predecessor, the SB6121, had been the main one cable businesses recommended most, which SB6141 keeps on the torch of an extremely stable, quick, and reliable wire modem.I haven’t got any problems by using this. Setup/set up was very simple. Attach the coaxial cable connection from the wall structure into this simply, then your Ethernet cable out of this into my Netgear Nighthawk X4 router. They both flawlessly talk to each other, and I’m obtaining about 13Mbs down and 3Mbs up speeds on the average day, and 34Mbs straight down and 5Mbs up during off-peak periods with my 30Mbs package deal from Period Warner Cable connection.Overall, I believe this is actually the best value you can find for a wire modem, sufficient reason for this refurbished offer now, it’s as part of your worth looking into.Highly Recommended!

Week just purchased this from another site final, We wish this offer would has already been discovered by me. I was getting about 60 mbs from my gateway that comcast rented me. The moment I acquired this energetic and ran a rate check I was striking in the 90 mbs range. Per month off my costs so quicker internet and 10 bucks. It is a no brainer.

This ordeal! Buy it new just. To begin with I couldn’t activate it from your home just because a previous comcast customer had used it. (Whether it’s refurbished, not really used, it must be ready and clear to go.) THEREFORE I had to call customer support plus they couldn’t take action therefore i had to go in to the Comcast store that is real taken care of. I actually had to have a true amount like i has been at the DMV nonetheless it took wayyy lengthier!!! They couldn’t help as the previous user had been in another region. THEREFORE I had to contact customer support and activate it lastly. Given that it’s finally activated I reaIize it’s defective. It’s constantly dr¨®pping the signal every ten minutes. Including with 10 sec to move in the tied conference semi-final basketbaIl game! THEREFORE I need to call comcast once again and the transmission is verified by them is definitely working great, but it has been dropped by the modem and can be defective. The prior comcast modem I had was working gr¨¦at, that is junk. Oh also it took quite a long time getting here actually.

Wow this factor is a lot faster than that little bit of junk Comcast modem also it will pay for itself in a few months. I attempted to call and also have it activated however they were unable to accomplish it therefore i do like another reviewer mentioned and just achieved it online. Took about 10 mins nonetheless it now works good. Latest speed test showed 128mbs and 12mbs up down, I’m pretty pleased with that honestly. Uncertain just how much of a noticable difference that’s technically nonetheless it definitely “feels” considerably faster. I’d not hesitate to get this modem, functions great and you will be saving yourself $7-10 per month!!

They are refurbished units. Which means you really do not know in case you are getting somebody else’s problem generally. They are said to be checked out, and are a whole lot cheaper so using the chance will probably be worth it defiantly. You may get an open box sometimes, or Amazon warehouse deals for less, ¨¢nd that will be the strategy to use.Cox has improved to DOCSIS 3.0 and I purchased the brand new modem to make use of the more than 25Mb/s rate to visit 50Mb/s. Tests out such as a champ at 50Mb/s lower, 6Mb/s up over 2.4 GHz wireless. Consumer info page reaches so ensure that your network isn’t in that variety (I’ve had problems when cable connection modem and my LAN are usually on a single IP subnet variety, most peo Read More Here

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