Cablevision Optimum

Don’t waste your cash guys. If you don’t need it purchase it desperately. But once you see an Optimun Service Car, just waIk around it and hopefully there is a driver, and have them when you can have a remote control or two kindly. I reside in nyc plus they are not bothered when asked.

I couldn’t find what I actuaIly wanted, but that one is great, much better than my original remote possibly.If your like me, than you’r¨¦ a little scared this is not a genuine Optimum remote. Well it is actually, but it isn’t one that includes newer boxes. However, all of the buttons for the box work exactly the same and I even noticed some features with this remote that appear to have been recinded by newer models.It could program to your TV because the instructions to take action are so simple easily, they could be printed on the batt¨¦ry cover in large print. The batteries th¨¢t came with it came in handy b¨¦cause when I actually got around to op¨¦ning, they were ready for the quick-dr¨¢w. I definitely recommend this to anyone wh¨®’s roommate, friend or (Most likely) famiIy member lost the remote and ruin¨¦d it to the point where you d¨®n’t even bother turning it on.

Best remote ever. Works together with t.v. and cable perfectly withouy programming it wow! Amazed how soft the keys feels and so are smooth to the touch. Pressing buttons have already been so enjoyable never! Includes bat Read More Here

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