That big whitened APC label is usually covering up the true battery manufacturer’s logo design and information. I simply pulled it from three dead (properly utilized) APC batteries and each had been made by another company–none which I understand. I keep an eye on around 50 sealed lead-acid batteries on my work, 1 / 2 of which come in APC UPS items. We check out our batteries frequently with a $300 capacity tester because they’re critical make use of. I NEVER purchase APC brand name replacements because I don’t who produced them! Stick to Yuasa, Strength Sonic or perhaps a recognized brand and you also know what you’re getting.

Upgrade, 6/1/2015: Amazon reviewer Neoprimal has already established experiences much like mine, and got these details to add for all of us: ” check the electric battery itself as some have a high quality assurance (QA) or quality examine (QC) year onto it. APC markets through various trusted online retailers and some offline even. At offline places, they can be found in a box with a receipt inside which has a manuf. date plus some other statistics (usually). ” I’m nevertheless purchasing APC-particular batteries today and therefore far they’ve organized longer compared to the third-party types I’d purchased during the past.I’ve been utilizing a UPS to safeguard my equipment for a long time, and I cannot recommend this exercise enough. It’s uncommon we’ve surges and outages, however when we do, getting this extra level of security has (I am certain) saved my devices on several occasion.The nagging issue is definitely that I dislike fiddling with the batteries–the trouble of monitoring them down online, price-shopping, and shutting everything lower and aside taking finished .. If there have been a magical UPS battery with little r¨®bot feet that could come to the house and change itself, I’d definitely p¨¢y extra for this.Why this battery? Frustrated by the trouble of high battery pack prices, I produced the mistake of choosing a third-celebration vendor the final time around to save lots of myself some cash. They delievered me the official APC battery good just, in regards to a year nonetheless it only lasted.After doing some reading I came across that lead-acid batteries are like food: they will have a shelf life. Unless you utilize them (have them installed and running) inside a specific amount of time once they are produced, the product quality will begin to degrade. If you are buying straight from APC, it is a many more likely the battery you will be receiving will undoubtedly be new product.I’ve set up the APC-direct alternative. It found its way to fine shape, have been charged prior to APC delivered it even, and correct is humming aside without complaint right now. According to a reply I acquired from APC, of September 2010 the battery power I ordered 1/13/2011 has been manufactured by the end.I like saving cash…but I love saving hassle furthermore.

This electric battery arrived lifeless and after eight hrs of charging wouldn’t normally function in my own APC UPS. I’d return it usually, but Amazon doesn’t enable “hazardous components” to be came back. this is simply not pointed out on the purchase page. Suggest purchasing this possibly or from APC straight locally.

An APC had been purchased by me Battery power brand, as pictured within their Amazon advertisement. Nevertheless, they delivered an off-brand generic. Possibly the generic is really a better battery nonetheless it invalidated the insurance coverage that is included with the APC Electric battery Backup Program.Their Amazon advertisement had an image of the right APC Replacement Battery pack; and, this is exactly what I ordered.

Got the merchandise and anticipated good stuff quickly. That was the good thing. The bad information was that the merchandise didn’t work. I assume it had been a faulty substitute battery. Worse even, I tried to come back the product nonetheless it was refused due to the “acid” that is a puzzle if you ask me since they had no issue sending it if you ask me. Very disappointed.

I only choose the name-brand name APC batteries and had an issue never. Recently, among my numerous APC batteries unsuccessful and APC dealt with the problem with flying colours prematurely. An upgraded was acquired by me in 2 days with come back postage paid.On top to be the best & most responsive UPS/battery company on the market trusted by numerous power-conscious server administrators an Read More Here

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