OUYIDE 16W Led Corn Light Bulb E27 with Screw Base 96pcs 2835 SMD Chip 6000K – 6500K Color Led Lights Temperature 360 Degree Led Lighting Bulb Day White Led Light Bulbs 300 Watts Replacement

 My video clip represents a reside unboxing of that and my candid initial impressions. It really is my intent to get any problems with that including beauty flaws, misstatements in the merchandise description and when appropriate to check durability and features of the merchandise. Put simply, I’m likely to try to crack it or discover fault with it otherwise.Video clip Highlights:* Wonderfully clean and white light. Bright exceedingly. It indicates it is a alternative to a 150W incandescent but I’ve never seen a bulb of this wattage. That is bright sufficient to serve compared to that standard I’d state.* Draws 9.7W so a little bit on the mentioned wattage. Drops to 9.4W after it will get to heat up.* Heat output is good. After getting on for five minutes the temp appears to peak at a rate that’s warm to touch however, not uncomfortably warm.PS: I am hoping my evaluation was useful to make a buying choice. If it had been not, after that please i want to know very well what I overlooked that you’d wish to know. I try to improve always.– free trial received for review

This light bulb is what’s known as a corn cob Directed bulb. This is a 5 Watt that the maker says generates 470 lumens. I’d have believed that it had been brighter than that. It can put out plenty of light really. I test numerous many LED lights also it seems brighter simply. Made its the colour of the bulb which has some related to that. It really is warmer compared to the stark daylight colour, but it isn’t genuine warm in colour. Enough that you could tell its not really daylight just, however, not as warm as mentioned. This bulbs colour shall not really be confused having an incandescent at all.I also tested this on a dimm¨¦r switch for all those which have those also it had some issues with that, but also for a lamp it completely worked. Screw base is standard size.Sample supplied for testing.

**Received in trade for HONEST Testimonials**Wonderful LED Light bulb!! I was questioned to review one of these brilliant for another vendor almost a year back.. I cherished it so a lot I bought others to revise my old florescent lights to Brought around my house.. Needless to say I haven’t had the opportunity to up-date all yet which means this light bulb came in convenient and I am buying others out of this vendor aswell!!Pros:1.) VERY BRIGHT2.) Power Efficient3.) Simple LED BULB (Not really everyone requirements or wants costly bluetooth Directed “Smart” bulbs.. I’d like cheap simple LED bulbs that and function ONE ROCKS !!!)4.) Appears MODERN5.) Should Suit MOST ALL fittings!I would suggest this light bulb to anyone extremely! It works GREAT

Notes:* On 1st switching on, draws 5.3 W of strength. As the light bulb warms up the pull decreases to 5.0 W* Output (Dimensions extracted from 12″ range)** From sides: 530 Lux** From finish: 60 Lux* After achieving peak temperature light bulb surface was 109F* Light is approximately 6000K colour as specific in the spec– Sample provided

Bought 2 9w warm white lights to displace some 100 watt incandescent lights. The lights are protected you can’t in fact see the type they are. Should they were exposed I believe they might be too vivid to have in my own living region but I’m happy with the buy. I am hoping they final I very long time. Or even I will update the evaluation.

The lamp is includes a couple of LED round the filament easy, developing a bright semi great color light, evaluate to the florescence light bulb I had. You can view from my image, the florescence light bulb will be brighter — but really does need 45W of power certainly, where this Brought bulb just require 9W. I believe for some household application, this works fine and offer ample level of brightness perfectly. How big is the light bulb is small evaluate to something similar to an average 15W florescence light bulb also. The bulb in my own picture are for photography so that they were much brighter and bigger.I attempted to utilize it in my own lighting umbrella and discovered that it isn’t as bright, therefore i will probably need a good brighter LED edition to find the quantity of lumen I required.Please be aware a retail device of the product was delivered to me for a truthful and fair evaluation Read More Here

led world Cree XHP70 Cold White 6000-6500K 6V 4.8A Led Emitter Lamp Light with 20mm Copper Base

Great leds, not really 4022 lumens. I have no idea why they’re been shown to be but in the event that you research the datasheet from cree the utmost you will actually see out of the can be 1965 lumens and thats when you can obtain the P2 bin plus they can go only 970 lumens if you obtain the H4 bin (Min for the 6000k is certainly K2 bin at 1200-1290 lumens). That said, WOW, a whole load of light, and a more little. These leds could be run at 6v 4 also.8A OR 12V 2.4A, cree states most of there tests was completed at 12V 2.4A therefore thats what i love to operate mine at. Hardly any heat era for just how much light you obtain, i am utilizing a really small and fairly toned heatsink/enthusiast from amazon “Copper Plated 55mm 2 Pin VGA Video Cards Heatsink Cooler Cooling Enthusiast” and working nonstop at the entire 2.4A at 12V and the heatsink remains very cool. Make certain everything close to the led will be reflective or okay getting hot since there is so much lighting result that anything dark and close to the led gets very hot quick. There’s so much result with this thing it is possible to burn darker items with a magnifier much like a magnifier beneath the sun. I would suggest the XHP70 on the XHP50, it’s 500 ish lumens brighter based on bins you obtain from plus they are the same cost on amazon. Not really 5 stars due to 4022 lumen state.Upgrade: I obtain why they state it’s 4022 lumens, CREE states its 4022 lumens. Furthermore discovered that the lumens detailed in the datasheets have to be multiplied because max lumens in datasheet are usually figured at 12V, 1A, not really 12V, 2.4A. Performing the calc from the datasheet they are only with the capacity of 3700-3900 lumens at 2 nevertheless.4A. In any event I’ve 3 of the and you will be getting ultimately more soon now.

I’ve been trying out led flashlights for quite a while now. Its amazing just how much brighter that is compared to the cree xm-l2 any bin. End up being warned, you ‘must’ have at least a good pill (not really hollow) to be able to provide good cooling. I utilized a hollow capsule first, and the directed (and solder underneath) got hot sufficient to slide off-middle of the sinkpad in 10 secs (pressing ~4.5 amps to it). I got to reflow it to obtain it working once again but that’s my fault for configuring it in crappy cooling.

super bright, After all stupid bright. utilized this in a Ryobi lantern and W0W achieved it change lives from another brought that it was included with, this light bulb runs perfectly from an 18 volt battery.

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2 X Novolumi® 4ft 18W T8 Superior LED Fluorescent Tube Light, 6000K, Bright White, Milky Cover, UL Approved

This is actually the tale of four various LED lights that replace fluorescent tubes. Osram, NovoIumi, SGL, and HSS. Every one of them work nicely, are a lot brighter compared to the T8 fluorescent tubes they replace. Each of them sip electricity. All of them are shatter and durable proof. Do not require contain mercury – a significant advantage over standard fluorescent tubes.Not one of the substitute tubes are ideal. Some may or might not need rewiring the fixture.Novolumi – aren’t ballast compatible. You need to rewire the fixture to utilize these. They can be found in three different colour temperatures. I examined the 3000K or hot white version. The colour temperature seemed near 3000K pretty, not incandescent cozy white exactly, but close. Others are usually 5000K and 6000K (that might be much too blue or eco-friendly for my flavor – but there may be applications where that is essential). The tubes certainly are a little bit lengthy – I had difficulty squeezing them into my fixture.Rewiring isn’t difficult – you merely want to do it terribly. Make sure the energy is switched off and open the fixture (usually just tw¨® screws). You will have to cut all of the wires to the ballast (I taken out the ballast in my own fixture). The wiring is really a bit weird – this can be a single end link. The far finish uses no electrical power. You need to cable the neutral to 1 aspect of the socket and the sizzling (black) to another part of the socket. The lights include instructions on how best to perform the wiring – they aren’t extremely clear. But in the event that you study the ultimate finish of the lights, you will see an L and an N using one end. That’s Reside (Warm) and Neutral – simply cable the socket so that it matches. The rewiring shall need two additional wire nuts. On a bench this is not difficult to do, in the ceiling – harder probably. These are much brighter than fluorescent tubes far. The light actually is super easy and. It generally does not cast multiple shadows.HSS lamp is quite like the Novolumi, you need to rewire the fixture, they are not really ballast compatible. There exists a selection of dual or solitary ended wiring. I like a complete lot. The sample I tested was an individual ended 5000K lamp. That is clearly a fairly accurate ranking – the lamp is definitely cool white somewhat on the glowing blue aspect. The wiring can be similar to the Novolumi.These had an extra bonus to be in a position to adjust the lighting angle. That’s awesome. You need to take away the lamp from the fixture to improve the setting. They were as bright because the Novolumi just. The tubes will be the right size and were an easy task to install exactly. Osram – ballast compatible supposedly. On my older fixtures, I had t¨® leave an individual fluorescent tube set up or the LED lamp wouldn’t normally light. Almost per year of by using this the lamp today flickers in winter after. Though I loved this lamp initially even, I’ve discarded it now.SGL or Shine Glory had been the best lamp of the bunch probably. They’re ballast double or compatible finish. I like that many. I installed both tubes with the ballast in collection still, and the lighting on flashed off and. The ballast may be the wrong kind evidently. THEREFORE I rewired the fixture. Dual finished wiring means using one end all of the pins are usually neutral and on another end all of the pins are popular. That makes probably the most sense if you ask me and appears like a safer wiring set up.The lights tested are 5000K and like HSS simply, they’re blue without hint of eco-friendly slightly. The light also is very. We were holding the brightest of the combined team.If you wind up rewiring the fixture – make sure to label the fixture so somebody down the road knows that fluorescent lamps won’t work in the fixture.You’ve got a choice with Directed lights really. You can elect to buy these alternative use and lights existing fixtures. Or it is possible to ditch the fixtures altogether and for approximately the same amount of cash buy a totally new fixture with LED tubes already built-in. I’ve a Feit fixture from Costco furthermore.A free trial was provided for review.

I’m happy with one of these LED tube lamps. The construction is great. Unlike various other LED T8 lights I’ve attempted, these feel substantial (but nonetheless very lightweight) in Read More Here

Topstaronline (TM) Faux Diamond Studded Blue Butterfly Pendant Necklace

Shipment was quick fairly. For the purchase price I covered this I’m satisfied. The butterfly is beautiful and its own quite cute and easy. The butterfly is really a light blue nonetheless it is pretty nevertheless. Received several compliments onto it. Will undoubtedly be ordering for presents again.

This is piece had not been for me.. It had been made durable is and sufficient elegant looking, but it applies to taste really, which this is simply not mine.. The only real cause I gave 4 stars rather than five is basically because the chain is quite flimsy, however, when i have mentioned in additional reviews if that is your kind of thing and you also need the pendant than it is possible to always head to Goodwill and purchase an inexpensive chain for approximately .95 cents roughly.. This season and she’ll love it i will put it in my own mother-in-laws and regulations stocking for Xmas. You can’t beat the purchase price.. For anybody who complains about high quality, this is a decent quality, and when you need expensive jewellery go pay out the Hefty price for this then. This is simply not a negative piece for the purchase price it is not for me.

Beautiful but also for a kid. I didn’t realize how short th¨¦ chain will be until when i ordered it. It had been to end up being for an advantage sized acquaintance . I’ll again order out of this company, but I am going to read dimensions or inquire with vendor first first. Butterfly is beautiful & properly detailed.

This necklace Extremely beautiful. I acquired this for my girls and it should be stated by me is definitely way more i quickly expected. It really is so cute. The butterfly can be adorable and catches your vision just. It really is big enough to be observed yet somehow small enough that’s isn’t to much on her behalf little neck. The chain is great not all slim and flimsy therefore i am sure it will not break immediately like most of these do. This is an excellent purchase we have been both happy.We purchased the product at a lower life expectancy cost for an unbiased and honest evaluation.

This can be a really cute necklace nonetheless it was damaged when it had been obtained by me. It really is fixable I believe luckily. The chain isn’t connected in two places: using one side where in fact the chain joins the o ring close to the butterfly and on a single side where in fact the chain joins the o ring at th¨¦ clasp. It price nearly absolutely nothing so I’m not really upset, nevertheless an excellent purchase if it could be set by me for my 8 yr old girl.

This necklace is quite inexpensive and the chain broke when it obtained caught in my own hair. It isn’t possible to displace it because of the design since it links to both sides of the butterfly.

i’m a sucker for butterflies, which means this was contacting my name. nevertheless, i was extremely disappointed in the colour that it finished up being. it generally does not have got the brighter glowing blue inside it at all, almost all a darker glowing blue just. very pretty still, but it had been hoped by me will be just like the picture.remember the purchase price you’re spending money on it! it isn’t using this world quality, nonetheless it is really a lovely piece. it could be perfect for a kid, or even to accent an informal look just. put some clear nail polish onto it maybe, so that it doesn’t turn your skin layer colors.the one thing i didn’t such as is certainly that the chain will be fixed. i’m remaining handed, therefore i like having the ability to place the pendant on “backwards” therefore i could work the clasp with my still left hand. however, i love how it’s on the factors of the butterfly, just what exactly i’ll do is merely take some jewellery pliers and change them. no biggie.i actually took two superstars off due to the color. i was disappointed quite. Read More Here

Daniel Wellington Men’s 0206DW Sheffield Watch with Black Leather Band

I purchased this for my boyfriend’s birthday celebration and I understand he would think it¡¯s great and I completely loved the view, It really is original. It was included with all of the tags, original container. I’ll buy one for me personally but rose precious metal now.

It’s easy and classic…Is it possible to call the right time item timeless?Well, the appearance is timeless certainly…..I am deeply in love with this watch and could buy it in precious metal aswell if I will get an extended watch strap.The band is really a small bit. I’m a 6-2 male that’s 190lbs and I must utilize the very last notch on the strap. A material was purchased by me strap aswell and a similar thing… They have to make the view straps so that it fits more organic longer…Therefore, no rose precious metal Sheffield until they turn out with bigger straps….

This view online looks excellent. I purchased and wore 5 times regarding. Unfortunately, the band is quite poor and is starting to crack and put on already. I understand it is a cheaper watch, however the band was anticipated by me to carry up for longer when compared to a couple of wears. I’d not suggest buying this watch if you don’t intend to buy a new band immediately or, at the very least regularly. Also, focus on the return plan on items. I’m sadly beyond the come back period because of this item and today I am trapped with a defective view that I am going to not wear.

It isn’t brand new.You can find two finger marks on the cup beneath the film when it had been obtained by me. The edge of glass doesn’t match perfectly. For per month when i wore it. A crack appears at the edge ¨®f glass where doesn’t match.

I fell deeply in love with this view after it had been observed by me on pinterest. I acquired one for me personally and my partner. It’s basic and modern. The leather band can be nice and well-crafted. The only real complaint is certainly that the band will be on the brief i and part have little wrist. The watch is actually well made and it’s really slim and light. Not really heavy when putting on it too. I recommended highly.

Beautiful watch absolutely. Simple, night or perhaps a casual dinner stylish and you will be ideal for a formal. On a side note, the watch cam¨¦ in a hand stitched leather holder (the term box doesn’t suit it), that is a nice touch in comparison with the cardboard boxes we are all used to. Very happy overall.

I’ve been following this watch out for quite awhile, splurged on myself and glad I did so finally. The watch is easy and sleep, I’ve watches that look great in a few occasions but this watch I possibly could wear with anything. Suit, business casual sufficient reason for a polo actually. Simple and clean.

I acquired this as something special from my partner. I’ve never ever been a wrist watch sort of person and put into my wedding band I thought it will be a touch too much products on my still left hands/arm, but this can be a great watch. Traditional, clean, and minimum. I love it absolutely Read More Here

Beadnova Natural Rose Quartz Healing Point Reiki Chakra Cut Gemstone Pendant Necklace Gift Box Packing

Today i acquired this necklace, so the Crystal is actually pretty and clean far. However, the chain already broke. Of course, you may get a fresh chain always, but don’t depend on the chain to last for some time.

My grandson adore anything with gemstones. He prefer to use necklaces and bands also. He picked this himself and I r¨¦ceived it in a good gift box. It is a pretty thing also it nice for grown ups as well.

My only issue has been the steel that retains the stone is usually tarnishing. That’s not a really big deal for me personally. However in case it could be a nagging issue for another person though, that’s what occurred to mine. Great stone btw.

This can be a present for a tiger loving buddy..who enjoys tiger attention stones….she’ll LOVE this. The very well produced and the stone includes a complete large amount of motion and shine…
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Casio Women’s LTP-1215A-7B2DF Quartz Analog Silver Tone Watch

The great thing about this view is its very clear dial. It really is bright and contains the numbers extremely visible clearly. We wished that the clasp was small smaller however. Nevertheless, value for money at an excellent cost. I’d say i’m satisfied fairly.

This watch is simple and good-looking putting on. A good analog was desired by me view with easy-to-read amounts as my close-up eyesight gets worse with age group. I wear 1.25-1.5 reading through glasses to notice small print. I can start to see the tactile fingers and the quantities with this watch fine, however the date is not possible to learn. In fact, despite having the readers I could only find out the time in bright lighting. My 4 rather than 5 stars therefore.I am a female with bigger than average wrists. Having said that, I did have to remove two hyperlinks modify the band lower. After some study and scrutiny, I could take away the pins from the hyperlinks making use of my Leatherman (small pliers works) and a document clip.

An ideal watch! Clock encounter is simple to read. Your day of the 30 days includes a second hand and in addition shows. Terrific throughout! Over per month back and I use it daily bought this. I am happy with my purchase.My only 2 notes: when and hour fingers have glow-in-the-darkish stripes nonetheless it isn’t always simple see them altogether darkness. They appear to glow greatest in dim lights. It’s not a really problem for me personally but it will be annoying if you were attempting to check your view altogether darkness frequently.Furthermore, the wristband is usually looser than I’d like and the hyperlinks aren’t the adjustable kind normally. It creates the watch a lot more of a bracelet simply.

Very pleased with this specific watch. Hard to defeat for the purchase price. Tempted to get a different one and toss it in my own drawer to save lots of for future years.Following a month the view stopped working nicely! Thought about take it to a jewler but didn’t desire to spend any longer money onto it. Funny thing. We fell out of handbag a couple of days and now appears to be working again back…LOL 20 Dollars. you obtain what you purchase.Joe in PA

Very beautiful view. Keeps period and date precisely. I actually had to regulate the band since it was big as well. Required me some correct time to take away the hyperlinks but with plenty of patience I acquired it done.

This watch is excellent however the band was a lot large for me personally too. A jeweler tried to shorten it with¨®ut success therefore i had to get another band. Besides that it is adored by me.
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Geoffrey Beene Men’s Classic Fit No Iron Sateen, Pacific, 17 32/33

The shirt itself has been nice, top quality (not incredible, but good) however the sleeves were as well brief. My boyfriends t-shirts all have got a 34-35 sleeve size, but these emerged a couple in . up his arms. I’d recommend considering shoulder width and arm duration before selecting a size, you may want sleeves longer.

Most uncommon fitting shirt i on have ever endured! The complete shirt was out of pr¨®portion, just didn’t “balance” the arm Iength was said to be 34/35, that one needed to be a 32/33, if that. Delivered it for refund back again.

To begin with just the truth that I acquired this shirt for $15 off Amazon when dept shops need $30+ for exactly the same shirt rocks !.I love these shirts because they’re easy to be mindful off and need much less care than conventional dress shirts (i actually wouldn’t contact them constantly ‘no iron’ plus they are not totally ‘no wrinkle’ however they are much less ironing and much less wrinkles than your avg gown shirt).The colour with this is quite bold – it is a deep wealthy purple and I really do think the colour in the pic is usually pretty accurate.It is a comfy shirt and I’ve multiple ones of the.

I am a large Geoffrey Beene enthusiast, which shirt holds true to size flawlessly, comfortable, and depicted because the description states specifically. I am Happy with this particular item. The purchase price is definitely something to leap in pleasure about also. I recommend this shirt to anyone thinking they could want to try a Geoffrey Beene, or to other people who prefers the standard of this brand.

These t shirts are well-crafted – I came across that VanH and Men’s WH t-shirts tore up at the elbows with really not that a lot put on. Hold color properly with frequent cleaning and are really wrinkle resistant

The shirt match nicely, but this shirt, at the very least in the colour I purchased (River Rock), acquired a a lot shinier sheen to it than could possibly be observed in the photograph provided. That quantity of shine can not work for me personally just. With that said, it really is listed as a ‘Sateen’ therefore i cannot knock the shirt tremendously on that time. It is really worth the price if you are searching for a superior quality lengthy sleeved sateen distribute collar outfit shirt and do not brain the bling appearance. I’d consider purchasing their product probably if in a another design or color once again.

Order a dimension bigger than you wear. Got to come back it and reorder a more substantial size. The 17″ neck matches like all my 16’s, the sleeves although are right.It is really a nice shirt. comfy, nice material. appears to be well made. I love the colour, but I’d have selected a truer reddish. I acquired what it appeared as if on my personal computer.

The sleeves had been short especially. I was very surprised at that. I really like Geoffrey Beene and also have had an excellent match his shirts often. I’d order it again with longer sleeves probably, however the price distinction is dual for another size up nearly. So, I believe I’ll adhere to Macy’s with this one.

The shirt suit great, I bought it for my hubby to use to a marriage. My gown was gentle pink and the shirt had been hoped by me will be a perfect match, it was much less lighting as my outfit nonetheless it worked properly. The shirt is excellent quality and far cheaper than buying from the suit store.

I’ve experienced some so-so good fortune with buying button-up t shirts online, but that one is ideal. The size is really a perfect match, and the image of the colour is performed by that justice. I only ordered this for a on¨¦-night event, but I’ll find yourself hanging that one up in my own closet to utilize again. Read More Here

Gildan MensCrew Socks (10-Pack) 12 – 15 Extended Size, Gray

I wear dimension 10 shoes or boots, but I Dislike getting squeezed by restricted socks. These dimension 12-15 socks work excellent. I put them on inside out to find the smooth surface close to my epidermis and I take off the top a few in . above the ankle. Probably the most comfy socks that I’ve ever worn very easily. (purchased at Walmart)

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Shot Shell Ammo Box (Pack of 6)

Rugged, secure container for ammo or any purpose for example. This box is made from durable poly materials and the lid closes safely. An o-ring round the perimeter of the contents are guarded by the lid from moisture, plus a extremely hefty latch locks down the lid properly. Added to that is clearly a durable hinge to help keep the lid from getting wayward. Finally, a solid handle produces easy carrying. Overall, a handy little bit of security for whatever it homes.

I picked this around keep my little travel gun cleansing kit in. It really is compact and good. The seal is good and I d¨®n’t smell the chemicals constantly like I used to. It really is consistent with Plano’s normal high quality. I am pleased with the package and think it could work very well for shells aswell (curently have a bigger a single for that).

These boxes are usually amazing- affordable, well-crafted, and inexpensive storage space for all you toting needs. I purchased another size (slightly smaller sized) to shop my capturing accessories, and instantly begun to explore another types as the very first one was therefore cool. This dimension was perfectly to carry my gun cleansing rods together with the related jags and pads, etc. creating a handy kit it doesn’t use up much area when traveling.Residing close to the ocean getting waterproof containers is really a real in addition, so I am giving these exact things away to loved ones for whenever we move clamming and kayaking- they’re ideal to help keep the wallet, cellular phone, keys, etc. from taking an undesired dip should something unforeseen happen across the real way. I recommend these boxes- get several sizes and you also will not be sorry!

It’s okay. I really do dislike it really is create for boxes to be in a position to stack reduce shells instead. We have been homesteaders, weekly and I hunt at minimum one or two days, and I reload therefore i don’t possess boxes for all your around 2,000 shotshells I’ve. I assume for a weekend break skeet or trap shooter who doesn’t reload or will save almost all their boxes it’d function fine, however, not for real durable shooters. It functions for I assume now, but I will not buy a different one.

I have some of the Plano ammo boxes which model will not seem as protected as he other people. Although it does what it really is designed to do, usually do not have a much the contents guaranteed inside when working with a lock since it only permits one lock using one of the sides. All you have to accomplish is draw it from another side hard sufficient and everything inside becomes uncovered.But to transport ammo to the number, it works excellent!

I will have to get one of these brilliant once again for storing ammo but I purchased this for keep tent peggs. It’s the perfect size and incredibly durable. Any smaller sized and it wouldn’t normally have function but any larger and it wouldn’t normally have easily fit into the storage handbag we use.

As the box is ideal for temporary storage space or for transporting shells to the areas, it isn’t lockable. Any child can open up the box, with a lock connected even. Plano must redesign how this container is guaranteed and locked.

as described. i’ve 5 of the stacked close to my gun secure. nice to learn i could put locks in it when my boy gets a lot more and old curious. for how cheap they’re i can’t realize why anybody wouldn’t have these.

Awesome! Fits 100 shells and a durable container perfectly. Weather seal on the lid is nic¨¦ if stored outside and durable material and latching ensure it is an easy task to tote your rounds round the range or fields. Read More Here